Natural Healing

'Natural' is a real buzz word at the moment, a word which many manufacturers equate with big profits. The natural product sector is one of the fastest growing markets in the UK and makers of everything from convenience food to clothing to cleaning products are clamouring to get in on the act at the expense of consumers who are eager to make a difference to the health of their families and their environment.

But please don't be fooled into thinking that a reduction in salt or sugar or the addition of an essential oil to a soap or shampoo is going to make the kind of difference that clever marketing campaigns might have us believe. 'Natural', meaning existing in or in accordance with nature, can be a way of living, a state of mind and philosophy, a committment to preserving and protecting the earths resources and can be applied to any aspect of life.

In this section you can explore the many incredible and often very simple ways in which peoples from every race, religion and culture down through the ages have learned from nature and applied this knowledge to healing the mind, body and spirit. This knowledge and wisdom truly is our natural heritage and belongs completely to each and every one of us.

Child watering plants




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