The Kidney Cleanse

The kidneys filter about 175 litres of blood every day. Mostly useful substances such as sugars, proteins and minerals are reabsorbed and recycled in the body whilst waste substances are excreted in the form of urine. The kidneys have several other vital tasks, maintaining the acid/alkali balance of the body, produce a hormone which regulates blood pressure, help create calcium and magnesium and help regulate bone loss and formation.

The herbal kidney cleanse is designed specifically to clear, detoxify and ultimately strengthen the entire urinary system.

The 5 day Kidney & Bladder Cleansing programme

During the cleanse it is very important to drink plenty of good quality water (spring, filtered or reverse osmosis etc) this means from 3 litres every day. This extra water is vital to ensure the system is being thoroughly flushed. Make sure all water is consumed by early evening to ensure as restful a night as possible.

  • Exercise every day during the cleanse to get the blood pumping and increase the detox process.
  • Breathe deeply into the belly for 10 minutes each morning and evening to increase oxygenation and enhance relaxation.
  • Sleep an extra hour each night to facilitate a deeper healing in the kidneys.

Day 1

Breakfast - add the fresh juice of 1 lemon & 1 lime to 1 litre of spring water with a pinch of cayenne pepper. Add 40 drops (5 ml, 1 tsp) of the kidney cleanse tincture.

15 minutes after this has been consumed drink 2 cups of the kidney cleanse tea.

Mid morning snacks – fresh fruit, diluted fresh fruit juice or fruit smoothies.

Lunch – diluted raw fresh vegetable juice (carrots, courgettes, celery, beetroot etc.), raw salad, sprouted seeds, potassium broth (see recipe) and a herbal tea.

Mid afternoon snacks – raw vegetables, salad, diluted vegetable juices, potassium broth and herbal teas.

Dinner – diluted fresh fruit juices, fresh fruit salads and herb teas.

Day 2

Repeat as for day 1

Day 3 (half day juice fast)

Repeat as for days 1 and 2 up to and including lunch. Do not eat any solid food after lunch, instead continue to drink fresh vegetable juices, potassium broth and herb teas.

Day 4 (full day juice fast)

Start with the normal breakfast routine of water with juice and tincture added to it, and 2 cups of kidney cleanse tea. Drink diluted fresh fruit juices until an hour before lunch. Drink diluted vegetable juices, potassium broth and herb teas up until an hour before dinner. For dinner drink diluted fresh fruit juices and herb teas.

Day 5 (half day fast)

Same breakfast routine as all other days and diluted fresh fruit juices, potassium broth and herb teas until an hour before lunch. For lunch, have some fresh fruit in a salad and ensure that each mouthful is chewed slowly and thoroughly. For dinner have a raw vegetable salad with sprouted seeds and herb teas as before.

Day 6

Start with usual breakfast drink and kidney cleanse tea and continue as for day 1 up to and including lunch. Gradually ease your way back into more 'normal' eating over the next few days by including lightly steamed rice and vegetables for instance.

Potassium Broth

This simple but effective broth can be made in the morning or the night before, ready for the following day. It is a vital part of the cleanse as it flushes the system of waste and provides concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals. Use organic vegetables to avoid burdening the body with toxins from pesticides etc.

  • 25% potato peel
  • 25% carrot and beetroot peel
  • 25% chopped onions and fresh garlic
  • 25% celery and green leaves
  • herbs to taste

Place the ingredients in a large pot and cover with about a litre of spring or filtered water. Bring gently to the boil and simmer on a very low heat for an hour, then leave to cool. When ready, strain and drink only the liquid. You can use the peeled vegetables in a juice.

Until you are experienced with cleansing and detoxing programmes, it is best to undertake the kidney cleanse under the guidance of your herbal or naturopathic practitioner.

Kidney Cleanse Tea

Equal parts of dandelion leaf, parsley leaf, uva ursi and cornsilk. (All herbs available in our online herbal shop)

Kidney Cleanse Tincture

Equal parts of dandelion root, marshmallow root, rehmannia, chickweed, astragulus, burdock root, Siberian ginseng, horsetail. (All herbs available in our online herbal shop)

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