The Herbal Bowel Cleanse Programme (Dr Christopher formula)


Week One

On the first night take one bowel action capsule A before going to bed. The next morning you should notice * an increase in your peristaltic movements (e.g. rumbling noises and various physical sensations in the gut), and an increase in the amount of waste that your bowel eliminates. In this case take one capsule A a night for the remaining six days. If there is no or little difference in your bowel behaviour then increase the dosage to two capsules that night. You can continue to increase the dose by one capsule A each evening until you notice a marked difference in the way your bowel works. After seven days you should know your dosage and are ready to take the cleansing powder.

* please note: if the affect of capsule A is too strong then switch to the gentler bowel tonic capsules B, and continue in the same manner until you find your personal dose.

Week Two

The bowel cleanse powder C is to be taken five times a day for five to seven days in the following manner:
At breakfast time mix one teaspoon of the powder into 150mls of water and drink. Repeat this mid morning, lunch time, afternoon and early evening. Whatever your dose of capsule A was during week one, add one more capsule to this and take this dose every night for the duration of the powder cleanse (e.g. if your dose was two a night now take three a night). If you were taking the milder capsules B, then take your normal dose of those plus one capsule A. Please note you must take capsule A to enable the successful and easy passage of the powder.

Week Three

If you were using action capsules A during week one, now switch to this same dosage of tonic capsules B. If you were already using the tonic capsules B then continue to do so in the same dose as in week one.

  • If during the cleanse you feel you are experiencing a healing crisis (i.e. pains, headaches, spots and skin reactions or symptoms of earlier illness, erratic emotions etc.) simply slow down the detoxifying process by taking less cleansing powder C each day. Bear in mind that if this the case it means there is plenty of work to do and further cleanses will be needed.
  • The effects of prescription drugs will be lessened during the cleanse especially in week two, so monitor this yourself and keep in touch with your Practitioner.
  • After each cleanse make an effort to replenish the beneficial bowel bacteria with a daily teaspoon of cider vinegar or daily probiotics such as Lactobacillus.

About The Herbal Bowel Cleanse

The three stage herbal bowel cleanse is composed entirely of herbs and natural ingredients. It is designed to cleanse, heal and balance the bowel and also the entire digestive system. It was developed over fifty years ago by a master herbalist and has benefited thousands of people over the years. It is capable of dealing with a myriad of health problems ranging from bowel conditions such as chronic constipation and diarrhoea, diverticulosis, cancers, candida, irritable bowel as well as allergies, menstrual problems, arthritis, poisoning etc.

Ingredients: Cascara Bark, Garlic, Barberry Bark, Cape Aloe Leaf, Cayenne, Senna Leaves, Ginger, Chamomile.
The strong and stimulating bowel capsules A contain herbal laxatives that retrain and regulate the bowel function. They balance its water absorption and excretion levels, encourage proper liver, gallbladder stomach and pancreas functions and promote natural rhythmic movement of the bowel (peristalsis). They stimulate the bowel to eliminate the clay based cleansing powder.

Ingredients: Cascara Bark, Barberry Bark, Cayenne, Fennel Seeds, Garlic, Ginger, Liquorice, Lobelia, Raspberry, Turmeric, Wild Yam, Agrimony.
The gentle yet powerful bowel tonic capsules B correct and maintain daily bowel function and bring about a gradual and long lasting improvement in general.

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Apple Pectin, Psyllium, Linseeds, Activated Charcoal, Slippery Elm, Fennel Seeds, Marshmallow Root.
The bowel cleansing powder C. This formula is a powerful detoxifier designed to draw out poisons, infection, heavy metals such as lead and mercury, radioactive materials (used by Russian doctors at Chernobyl to treat severe radiation poisoning), over two thousand known environmental chemicals and drug residues as well as neutralising toxins. It softens and removes compacted faeces from the bowel wall, at the same time soothing and healing the stomach intestines and bowel itself. The clay is derived from volcanic ash and can hold up to forty times its own weight of waste products. It also contains molecules five hundred times smaller than water making it vastly superior as a cleansing agent. The Apple Pectin also helps remove radiation and is generally detoxifying. The Linseed lubricates, nourishes and cleanses whilst the Slippery Elm and Marshmallow Root calm and heal. Slippery Elm and Marshmallow have the ability to grow into and repair tissues and flesh and as such are superb healers to worn, old and damaged bowel walls. Fennel seeds are rich in natural antibiotics, the charcoal cleans the bloodstream and the Psyllium provides gentle and healing fibre.

  • To maintain an excellent level of bowel and therefore general health the cleanse may be repeated twice a year. If the problem is more serious and deep seated it can be repeated every two to three months until good health is restored. The fundamental rule to remember is 'cleanse a little – build a little'.
  • Each cleanse will leave you feeling more energised, less allergic and more balanced generally.
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