Coconut Oil

Cold pressed, virgin organic coconut oil is mechanically pressed from the flesh of the fresh coconut and the resulting oil is normally solid at room temperature (in cooler climates) and liquid when warm. It has been used as a valuable aid to health for centuries by the people who live in its native lands.


Once used extensively as a healthy oil, it gained a bad reputation for being high in saturated fat. The fat it contains has been shown to be extremely beneficial to health in light of more recent independent reasearch, especially if cold pressed oil is used. High temperature or chemical extraction renders the fats more harmful.


The health benefits are so numerous and go way beyond simple skin or hair care. You can cook with it as an oil, apply it to your skin, hair and nails for its moisturising, conditioning and antifungal properties, it is excellent for providing nutrients to the brain and nervous system, has a sun protection factor of around SPF 10, is anti-inflammatory, has been touted as a useful aid in Alheimers, benefits the activity and function of the immune system, helps the body burn more fat, aids the absorbtion of fat soluble vitamins, provides an instant, non insulin provoking energy source so can be useful in diabetes and also aids wound healing.

Many people have found benefits from taking between a half teaspoon and 4 teaspoons, either just on the spoon or added to foods daily.



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