Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting fresh apples into cider then vinegar. The best types of cider vinegar still have a portion of the original ferment in the bottle with them (often called 'the Mother') and have not been strained or pasteurised and use the whole apple. Use organic cider vinegar wherever possible, such as Mrs Braggs or similar.

For many years it has been used as a so called 'folk' remedy by people who knew of its many health benefits. Here are just a few of the health conditions that apple cider vinegar has traditionally been used for:

to aid in weight reduction

to help maintain a more healthy population of 'friendly' bowel bacteria

taken before food to help with digestion

acid reflux, belching and general indigestion

to help maintain healthy skin

taken before eating suspect food to prevent food poisoning

used as a hairwash for dandruff, hair health and hair loss

reducing excess mucous in the body (sinusitis, swollen 'glands', hayfever symptoms, etc)

dizziness and headaches

as a breath sweetener

to help guard against gout and arthritis

supplies a dose of potassium to the soft tissues ( ligaments, tendons, joint structures etc) to help keep them strong and supple


Effective dosage starts with 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar in a little water, sometimes sweetened with honey, 3 times daily before meals. Many natural health practitioners state that 2 teaspoon fuls in water 3 times daily is more effective. Results should be noticed within a few days or up to a month for more chronic, deep seated conditions.

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