Here are some links to websites and organisations that we really like and, unlike many links pages, we are proud to recommend!


Earth Clinic

A brilliant website where ordinary people talk about their own personal success and failures when using various herbs and natural healing techniques for their health problems. Anyone can post a comment or ask a question. Find out what really works and why.


My Biome Box

Biome Box offers plant based fruit and veg boxes, grown in a way that is good for nature and good for us too. Each box contains plant based foods that will diversify your diet (taking care of your microbiome). The contents are designed to support the diet of 1-2 people for a week.


Funky Raw

Lots of info, products, links and further reading on all aspects of raw nutrition and lifestyle.



A news site absolutely packed with information on many aspects of health and natural healing. A fantastic resource for research papers on herbs and natural health items.


Organic Farmers and Growers UK

All things relating to organic farming and growing in the UK, including lists of suppliers and growers, links to other organisations and useful updates on EU legislation.


Our Stolen Future

A site dedicated to the environmental and health impact of chemicals in common use today. Very interesting reading with references to many studies on the impact of manmade chemicals on both the human body (hormone disruptors) and the natural world.



A registered charity campaigning for honesty and openess in the chemical industry and in modern chemical advances. Their aim is to reduce our dependence on harmful chemicals and champion less destructive and toxic solutions.


Clave Verde

Family run holiday homes in the Dominican Rebublic. Built and run with strong ecological and sustainable credentials in a beautiful location, close to beaches and within easy reach of serious Carribean nightlife!


Rowland Earthing

Great products to help earth the body including organic cotton fitted bed sheets, yoga mats and trainer inserts. The Wild Pharma will get a small commission if you do buy any of their products via this link






Child watering plants




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