Help idle women to create the UK’s first physic garden dedicated to women and girls

April 19, 2018

idle women, the organisation who creates contemporary art with women are
launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise £25,000 to buy land in Nelson in
Lancashire for the UK’s first physic garden for women and girls.
idle women’s physic garden will be dedicated to medicinal herbs that women have
used for centuries, from menstruation to pregnancy and childbirth, and beyond to
menopause and old age. The garden will be planned, designed and developed with
and by local women in collaboration with female experts in herbalism, garden design,
women’s health and horticulture. Women will be able to learn practical skills including
architectural landscaping, building (for an outdoor classroom and compost toilet) and
gardening, as well as participate in seasonal workshops on natural health using herbs
for culinary and medicinal purposes. The garden will also be a peaceful retreat where
women can take a break from daily routines, make new friends or simply have space
for reflection.


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