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General characteristics

General characteristics

Prolapse is a condition where certain organs such as the rectum, bladder, urethra, bowel, vagina or uterus for example, drop down from their original position often physically or visibly protruding through the vagina or anus. It can happen as a result of loss of muscle tone in the muscles or connective tissues holding a structure or organ in place, in response to trauma or surgery, chronic pushing and straining (such as constipation or difficult childbirth) and chronic coughing or lifting heavy objects.

The prolapsed organs or structures can present many unpleasant symptoms, particularly if the organ is protruding through an orifice. Surgery is often performed for severe prolapse with limited success.

Nutrition can play a big part in resolving prolapses, as can herbal remedies and a few lifestyle changes.

Diet and lifestyle

Diet and lifestyle

Avoid all sugary foods, refined carbohydrates and processed and junk foods.

Adopt a diet that is rich in fresh whole foods such as grains, vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts with a little organic animal produce and dairy foods.

Eat a diet rich in omega 3 oils such as fresh wild salmon and oily fish, organic eggs, seeds such as sunflower and flax and nuts. They are anti-inflammatory and help to rectify prolapsed conditions.

Higher levels of vitamin D are associated with a lower risk of organ prolapse. Cod liver oil, swordfish, salmon, sardines, liver, sunbathing and organic eggs are good food sources.

Useful herbs

Useful herbs

Make a tea from dried yellow dock root using a level tablespoon of the root in a pint of water. Simmer the liquid until only half is left and strain off the herbs. Use this liquid as a vaginal or rectal douche and hold the liquid inside for as long as you can whilst relaxing on a bed or sofa with your pelvis raised high, supported on pillows. Do this daily for several weeks or until positive results are seen. The astringency of yellow dock tightens the tissues and also provides nutrition to the overly relaxed or damaged tissues. Drink a few sips of the tea also each time you use it.

You can also add the same quantity of comfrey leaf, bayberry bark or cramp bark to the above remedy to feed and strengthen the tissues and organs involved.

Add a pinch of goldenseal powder to any of the mentioned douche mixes for its restorative action on the tissues and membranes.

A tried and tested tea to use internally as a douche and as a drinkable tea consists of oak bark, comfrey leaf, yellow dock root, mullein leaf, walnut leaf, marshmallow root and lobelia.

Drink 3 cups dily of raspberry leaf tea for its nutritional and astringent properties. Add lady's mantle for vaginal/uterine/rectal prolapse.

Natural healing

Natural healing

Natural sponges can be used to insert into the vagina or anus to hold prolapsed organs in place whilst healing occurs. You can also soak the sponges in herbal teas to encourage healing.

Gentle jogging can help to bounce the prolapsed organs up and down and gently restore tone to the muscles and connective tissues. Start very gently and build up to half a mile daily very gradually. 'Rebounding', jumping on a mini trampoline for a few minutes twice daily may also help if practiced regularly. Some disagree however and find that it makes things worse so start very slowly and observe carefully.

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