General characteristics

General characteristics

Dizziness is the sensation of spinning or whirling and feeling unbalanced, like you may fall over.
Dizziness is often experienced just before fainting and can just come and go seemingly randomly but it can also be a symptom of a number of other conditions such as high and low blood pressure, other cardiovascular and circulatory diseases, low blood sugar, inner ear infection or disease, vertigo, travel sickness, emotional stress and anxiety, meniere's disease, nervous system problems, shallow breathing, pregnancy, excess caffeine, toxaemia from improper digestion, uncontrolled diabetes, liver and kidney failure, cigarettes and alcohol, trauma to the head, dehydration, heavy menstruation, anaemia, fatigue, colds and flu, migraine, food poisoning, antibiotics and other prescription medications and tumours.
It is important to try to determine and treat the cause in order to alleviate the dizziness.

Diet and lifestyle

Diet and lifestyle

Eat fresh organic whole foods for the highest nutrient content and avoid junk and processed foods.

Include plenty of fibre to prevent constipation and remedy any possible link with toxins accumulating in the digestive tract.

Eat foods high in B vitamins such as whole grains, dark green leaves, seeds (including aniseed) and nuts.

Avoid refined sugar and foods containing it.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these can deplete fluids in the body and cause an exaggeration of symptoms.

Drink enough water to ensure you are properly hydrated.

Useful herbs

Useful herbs

Feverfew, ginkgo, black cohosh, celery seed, gotu kola, skullcap and wood betony can be a useful formula for helping with dizziness. Use equal parts of several or all of the tinctures or dried herbs and take a teaspoon in water 3 times daily.

Siberian ginseng can help if the dizziness is related to long term anxiety and tension. Take a teaspoon of the tincture in water 3 times daily to restore energy and vitality.

Other nervines such as vervain, valerian, lemon balm, chamomile, gotu kola, damiana, motherwort, lime blossom, mullein and hops may help. Use one or two in tea form to calm the nerves and help alleviate the dizziness.

Chew a piece of fresh ginger to relieve dizziness caused by motion sickness.

Drink strong nettle tea daily if you suspect iron deficiency may be the cause of your dizziness.

Natural healing

Natural healing

Cider vinegar has a good reputation for helping with dizziness. Take a teaspoon in water after each meal.

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