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General characteristics

General characteristics

Cellulite describes the fatty and fibrous deposits that collect in the connective tissues in the skin and give the skin a dimpled and bumpy appearance. It is most common on the arms, thighs, buttocks, stomach, nape of the neck and knees. Women are more commonly affected with it due to anatomical differences in the fat distribution.
Although not generally viewed as a medical abnormality, the fat accumulations can act as a reservoir for toxins and circulation in the areas is generally restricted. Hormone imbalance is cited as a possible cause, as is lack of proper exercise, increasing age, fluid retention, poor circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, weight fluctuations and poor diet.

Diet and lifestyle

Diet and lifestyle

Diet should be based on fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, fibre, seeds, nuts with an avoidance of processed and convenience or junk foods. The brightly coloured fresh fruit and vegetables  (berries, sweet peppers, carrots, broccoli, dark green leaves etc) are high in anti-oxidants and will help eliminate toxin build up so should be included daily, either raw, lightly cooked or juiced. Use organic produce wherever possible.

Sprinkle a little dried seaweed over one of your meals each day.

Eat a portion of buckwheat each day for its ability to strengthen the blood vessels and prevent fluids leaking from them into the tissues.

Avoid hydrogenated and processed fats and oils and use butter in moderation and uncooked cold-pressed vegetable oils on salads.

Drink a glass of water with a the juice of a fresh lemon in it every day before breakfast. This simple drink is a powerful cleanser of the liver and helps rid the body of excess toxins.

Stop adding salt to your food as this encourages fluid retention which exacerbates the problem.

If you eat meat the opt for organic animal protein in the form of chicken and  turkey as they contain fewer hormones than conventional meats . Eat some fresh oily fish (sardines, mackerel, trout etc) several times a week.

Drink enough water to stay hydrated, at least a few large glasses of pure water or 2-3 cups of herb teas daily.

Regular exercise that move the affected parts such as walking, cycling, swimming, yoga etc will help to prevent and gradually improve cellulite.

Stop smoking. Tobacco hinders circulation and deposits many harmful products into the blood.

Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum.

Useful herbs

Useful herbs

Make a mix of equal parts of the following dried herbs... ginkgo, parsley, gotu kola, cleavers, alfalafa and nettle. Use a heaped teaspoon per cup and drink 3 cups daily. These herbs will stimulate circulation, release excess fluids, stimulate the cleansing lymphatic system into action and provide valuable nutrients.
Take a teaspoon of agnus castus tincture each morning if you suspect hormone imbalance may be an issue for you.
Drink 3 cups daily of dandelion root tea as this improves and stimulates cell metabolism, rids excess water and helps break down fats.
Rub some prickly ash tincture on the skin or take intenally to help clear cellulite/
Make a paste out of horse chestnuts to apply to your cellulite. Soak a handful of horse chestnuts in some water and leave overnight or until they feel soft. Mash in a pestle and mortar or whizz in a blender to make a paste and apply to the affected areas each evening whilst relaxing with a cup of your cellulite reducing herb tea. leave on for 20 minutes then rinse of a give the area a quick massage.
The company Weleda make a product made from the birch tree, called Cellulite Birch Oil ( )  or you can make your own by adding white birch oil to a a carrier oil such as sweet almond or olive oil. White birch oil is showing good results in cellulite reduction.
Chew 5 juniper berries daily for a couple of weeks.

Natural healing

Natural healing

Regular (daily) skin brushing with a loofah or rough flannel or light massage of the areas can help to improve circulation and encourage toxin release and more even fat distribution. Always brush or massage up the legs towards the groin and up the arms towards the armpits where the major lymph nodes are located.
A process called lymph massage or drainage can help to reduce cellulite over time.
The following essential oils can be used with your daily massage. In 30ml of almond or light vegetable oil add 15 drops of juniper oil, 10 drops of lemon oil, 12 drops grapefruit oil and 6 drops of oregano oil.
Seaweed wraps can have very positive results for cellulite reduction. Make the seaweed into a thick paste by blending  it with some water, apply to the affected parts and wrap in cling film to keep in place. Cover your body generously with towels or blankets, get comfortable and relax in a warm place for up to half an hour before removing the wrap.
Grapeseed extract is rich in powerful toxin reducing anti-oxidants.

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