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General characteristics

General characteristics

Arteriosclerosis is a generic term to describe the chronic disease process characterised by an abnormal thickening and hardening of the inner arterial walls.

It occurs in response to an injury or legion on the wall of the artery when layers of calcium deposits and scar tissue stiffen the walls with a resulting loss of elasticity in the affected blood vessels.

It can predispose to high blood pressure, strokes, blood clots, angina and heart attacks/heart disease.

Also termed as 'hardening of the arteries'.

Diet and lifestyle

Diet and lifestyle

Only whole and unprocessed foods should be eaten. Avoid processed foods completely as they always contain large amounts of salt and sugar which thicken the blood mongst other things. Even cartoned fruit juice should be kept to a minimum. Buy a cheap juicer and make your own as they are much cheaper and tastier with a higher nutrient content.


Avoid hydrogenated fats and oils. Read the labels of anything you intend to eat as they get everywhere.


Start the day with a glass of fresh citrus juice including oranges, lemon and lime if possible.


Foods such as garlic and all members of the onion family will thin the blood making circulation more efficient.


Eat several portions of oily fish each week such as mackerel, herring, sardines, trout, salmon and tuna. Have something like tinned sardines on toast as a light lunch.


Include at least one salad daily full of green leaves such as lettuce, watercress, rocket and raw spinach leaves for their high vitamin and mineral content.


Apples have a marked cholesterol lowering function and the fibre they contain helps eliminate excess cholesterol from the body. Eat at least 2 apples daily in their raw natural state. Fibre from fruit, vegetables and whole grains limits the absorption of many toxins that can damage arterial walls. See also 'fibre' in the natural healing section of this site.


There is much evidence to show that becoming vegetarian will halt and even reverse the build up of arterial plaque. If you cannot give up meat completely you should consider eating very lean wild meat and game (such as venison, pheasant etc) instead. Wild game contains a third less fat  and fewer calories than farmed meat as well as having no added growth hormones and other highly questionable additives.


Exercise, even when moderate will both prevent and slow the progress of arteriosclerosis. Have a daily walk or swim or even gardening.


Give up smoking.


Reduce alcohol intake to the minimum guidlines.


Useful herbs

Useful herbs

Freshly grated ginger tea is very effective for promoting healthy circulation and helps dissolve clots and lower excess cholesterol levels.


Centuary has a very good effect on the blood vesels, keping them flexible and pliant.


Turmeric is noted for its powerful anti-inflammatory effects and can both prevent and heal in cases of arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular and circulatory problems. Take a teaspoon in a glass of warm milk with a sprinkle of black pepper everyday and watch it clear up any other health problems you may have as well.


Prickly ash and ginger make a good combination as a tincture to increase circulation to the peripheries such as the hands and feet.


Cayenne or chilli is excellent at promoting the circulation. Add a pinch to food or a herb tea such as the one below.


Consider relaxing nervine herbs if stress and worry are a regular occurence. Chamomile, vervain, valerian and crampbark will soothe the nerves and relax the muscular walls of the blood vessels.


Alfalfa tea can help to keep the inner linings of blood vessels clear from plaque and fatty build ups and can also lower levels of circulating cholesterol and other lipids.


A daily tea consisting of herbs such as hawthorn flowers, yarrow, oatstraw, gingko, nettle, fenugreek seed powder and lime flowers will help dissolve plaques, support the heart, keep blood flowing and increase the elasticity of the blood vessels. Use equal parts of each, up to 3 cups daily.

Natural healing

Natural healing

Vitamin E protects against heart attacks and angina.


Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant which also prevents hardening of the arteries and helpd convert excess cholesterol into bile acids that are naturally excreted. See also 'vitamins' in the natural healing section of this site for a list of foods containing vitamins C and E.

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