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Welcome to The Wild Pharma

This website was created as a database of knowledge and experience of over 15 years as a practising Herbalist. My intention is for the site to grow and evolve over time to form an encyclopaedic style database full of herbal formulas, natural healing notes and findings, personal experiences and tips and suggestions from myself, other practitioners and hopefully you! If you have any tips, suggestions, questions or stories of your experiences with herbs and natural healing we would love to hear from you. That way we can learn from each other. Use our contact us form, drop us an email, leave a comment or register with our mailing list to recieve our newsletters. We promise we will never pass on your details to anyone else, ever.

Wherever possible, herbal ingredients and equipment will be available to buy in our online shop. The plants, videos and natural healing sections are works in progress and more items and updated information are added regularly. The information contained on this website is in no way intended as medical advice, rather as a source of information and, hopefully, inspiration. Many herbs are powerful medicines and should be taken with care, knowledge and respect of the effects and actions of each plant used.

We hope you enjoy using the site and please do visit us again soon to check for new information as we are constantly updating with new information and experiences.



The main purpose of the site is to provide information and perhaps inspire you to make and try your own herbal formulas at home. However there are times when some guidance is called for in choosing the right herbs to suit you as an individual, particularly when taking prescribed pharmaceuticals, when pregnant or breastfeeding, when seriously ill or when nothing seems to improve your condition. In this case, write your questions in the box in the 'contact us' section and we will do our best to advise on which herbs and treatments are most appropriate. You can also book an appointment to see a herbalist at our base in East Sussex.


We run our cottage industry herbal business in an Earth conscious and sustainable way using, wherever possible, recycled and recyclable materials, environmentally friendly power sources and organic and wild plants. We are committed to preserving the indigenous plant populations of the world so endeavour to source our products locally from the UK or from reliable fair trade and environmentally aware overseas suppliers. Herbs are victim to ‘fashion’ also, often at a high cost to local environments and livelihoods. In our shop, we will never sell rare or endangered plants unless we are sure they have been planted and harvested in a sustainable way.


herb quality

Most of the herbs we use in practice and sell in the shop are grown organically and biodynamically on Soil Association and Demeter registered herb farms in the UK. In addition we also gather our own herbal materials in an ethical manner which is called ‘wild crafting’ (these will be clearly marked in the shop). This means plants are only gathered from sites away from roads and any obvious sources of pollution, only from sites where the herb grows in abundance and with reverence and respect to the plants themselves. Whilst harvesting we collect only a small percentage of plant material from any one area. This ensures that the plant population continues to thrive year after year and provide remedies for us, food and habitat for animals and insects and true visions of beauty for all to enjoy.

Please read the harvesting and preparing herbs page if you are considering collecting your own plant materials from your garden or the wild.

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